Thursday, March 12, 2009

Creative Chaos 2, Another wall hanging, craft club

Here's the picture of the "creative chaos" (a little heavy on the chaos side...) that I said I would post. When I am working I tend to just grab stuff and never put anything away until I am finished. Sometimes I look around after completing a card or project and am amazed at the amount of mess I can create in such a short span of time! Today was "craft club" day for my daughters and a couple of their friends. They made magnetic boxes to use as memory boxes.

The day was also full of many unexpected blessings. Josh was working in town so he and a friend came for dinner. He told me he was planning on staying the night since he was working this way again tomorrow. Then he told me that this evening Jacki was going to come over for a visit. Jacki is one of Josh's best friends and has sort of been adopted into the family. I had planned on giving her this photo that I took of the two of them at Christmastime. Josh suggested I do a scrapbook page or something. Problem was, I only had an hour before I was going out for coffee with one of MY best friends. So, after making dinner for Josh and his friend Jerod, I spent about 45 minutes creating this wall hanging for Jacki's apartment. Purple and yellow are two of her favorite colors and I thought they offset the sepia toned photo and went along with the "You color my world" sentiment. When I returned from coffee with my friend, I enjoyed some chat time with Josh and Jacki. Another unexpected blessing of the day was when 3 other friends showed up with a belated birthday archiver's gift card...hooray!!

I probably won't have time for crafting tomorrow because we'll be spending the day at the Golden Courthouse for Matthew's Mock Trial state competition.
Wishing you blessings,
Marie with a :-)

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