About Marie with a :)

Hello Fellow Paper Crafters (and anyone else who stumbled upon this little blog site :) ).

I am an avid scrapbooker and bellieve in the importance of chronicling life's big AND small happenings. I offer scrapbook and cardmaking workshops and sell handmade greeting cards.

I have six children, three grandchildren, and have been married for 28 years (obviously I was a toddler when I got married ;) )

Marie Trivia:
   -I was born in Vermont and miss the East Coast autumns.
   -I am unashamedly Christian and love what Jesus has done in my life.
   -I am a paper and ink addict...and maybe a pen kleptomaniac.
   -I love spending time with family and friends, playing Scrabble, ...eating Vermont creemees....reading...camping and hiking...four seasons (especially autumn and winter)...white chocolate raspberry cheesecake...Gewurztraminer, grandbabies' giggles... writing...and so much more!
   -I am sometimes impatient, usually disorganized, frequently forgetful...but always grateful for this wonderful life.

To find out more about my workshops or how to purchase handmade cards (or to simply say hello) e-mail me at: