Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Mojo 130 (and a HAIRY moment in the life of Marie...)

This particular sketch was a bit of a challenge for me...I've really come to realize that my personal style is simple and clean (or quick and easy?) and this sketch seemed to have a lot of different elements to it.  But I gave it a try anyway. For the flowers, I used some pop dots.  Now, I keep my pop dots and glue dots in a little box in my craft room.  I reached into the box, and met with something sticky.  I pulled my hand out and as my mind registered what the white, sticky stuff on my hand was, I saw it.  A huge hairy spider!  I screamed, the box went flying and my kids came running!  One squished spider later, my card was complete.

And finally...I have a question for some of the Christian moms out there...have you ever had a child go down a path that you knew was destructive? If so, how did you respond?  I'd love to hear your story. (You can e-mail me if it's too lengthy for a comment box...)

Thanks for stopping by,
Marie with a :-)


Deb said...

Hi Marie - Nice card...and oh, what a surprise in the glue dot box!! I would scream too.

Kathi C. said...

Your card is lovely, Marie - a wonderful take on what I think is a challenging sketch, too.

As for children, I have two sons and have known some heartache with one of them - 15-plus years worth.He's made some bad decisions. He's even tried to do what he believed to do the right thing and had it turn out to be miserably wrong. It was hard. Even though in my heart I knew better, I couldn't help but view his troubles as a reflection of my parenting. In the past year, his life has turned around, and I've realized that the values I/we instilled in him as a small child have been there all along. He just lost his way for a while. If it helps, I understand what you are going through and pray things turn around for you, too.

SamieVt said...

This card is absolutely gorgeous! You make it look so simple!

We've had family members deviate from the path we would have like to have seen them drive down. We've gotten through so much in our lives that this trial you are going through is not without Purpose ... you just have to figure out what the Lord has in store for you!

Love and miss you!

Anonymous said...

I love your take on the sketch. I always have such a difficult time seeing the possibilities with the sketch, so I end up with super simple, just follow the sketch cards.

I just love your cards--especially all the butterflies and gorgeous colors.

scrapaholic paperjunkie said...

Lovely card - sans the spider! Glad you lived through the experience - I would have had a heart attack.

craftyb said...

Hi Marie, you worked the sketch beautifully! Love your ruched trim....fab colour combo!

BTW I sincerely hope things work out better soon for your family! bx

Melina said...

Lovely take on the challenge! Your blog is an inspiration to me :) BIG HUGS!
I've added your blog to a list in my sidebar!

~Christina~ said...


Sarah said...

Wonderful just a wonderful take on a difficult sketch...beautiful job.
The spider thing...hmmm I would have FREAKED OUT.
Your child...I cannot imagine the heartcahe you are feeling as mine are all still here under my wing...but I know its an overused sentiment ...BUT maybe you have to "let go, and let God"...take care of things... Easier said than done and I would not be able to. We love our children so fiercely..imagine how much more fiercely God loves you and your child..I am rambling..You have my prayers my wonderful friend.

La'Diva said...

Creative and lovely.

Becca Whitham said...

Love your take on the Mojo sketch...and I'm glad you survived the spider!! Eeewwwww.

I have raised two kids and both have presented challenges at different times. If your child is still living with you, I would do my best to make it hard to do the wrong thing. If he/she is at an age where the wings are beginning to get strong, it might be time to let a crash or two teach lessons you can't by setting limits. And if he/she is old enough to be out of the house, choose your times and places to talk about it and pray like you've never done before.

Above all, be sure you are a safe place to come home to. Your child needs to know the deep, deep love of God as demonstrated by your unconditional love. That kind of love can't come when the kids are perfect little models of propriety, it only comes when they are making the choices with which we disagree.

Remember, the choices your child makes are his/her choices...not yours. As Kathi said, you will be tempted to see them as a reflection of your parenting, but they are not.

Take heart, you are not alone and are being prayed for by strangers who share your pain.