Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Magnetic box

There were furtive glances sent my way and a quick crossing to the other side of the trail. No friendly hellos today, and no looking me in the eye. I can't say that I blame them. Here I was, a middle aged woman with disheveled hair, in a bulky fleece sweatshirt, oversized headphones and tears streaming down my face.
I love music; it has a way of reaching into the depths of the soul and touching something that no mere spoken words seem to be able to do. So yes, music alone can make me weepy. Today, however, it wasn't just the words to Steven Curtis Chapman's Cinderella; it was the e-mail I had glanced at before heading out for my morning walk. K was in the hospital. Two weeks of isolation, the e-mail read. It seems her young, frail body was not fighting the CF well and she was losing weight. My heart sank. I hadn't seen K for nearly 8 months but I could picture her sweet, porcelain face as though it was yesterday.
I'm hoping that Scott and I will be able to go visit her on Sunday. In the meantime, I made a quick Close To My Heart magnetic box for her and will fill it with craft supplies to help occupy her time while she is in the hospital. And I will pray. Not only for precious K and her family, but I will pray Lord, let me never take for granted each moment I have with my precious children.

I used bubblegum and ocean cardstock with a flower punch, window charms , the March SOTM, and the You are Beautiful SS. The sparkles and chipboard K are not CTMH.


Jamie Harder said...

Wow what a beautiful gift! My thoughts are with you...

Stephany said...

I didn't know that you put craft stuff in there! What a great idea.