Thursday, February 26, 2009

Sneaky Mom; Masculine Birthday Card

It was a little bit sneaky, but I didn't have much choice. I purposefully scheduled a family photo session for this Sunday. It was sneaky because I knew that my older two boys would be coming over to celebrate my birthday- and I knew they wouldn't refuse me on my birthday. It can be pretty tricky trying to get all eight of us together for a family picture and even tougher is getting it done without hearing any complaining. So sneaky, yes, but a mother's got to do what a mother's got to do...
My oldest son turns 22 tomorrow and I made this card for him. As I've said before, I find masculine cards a bit difficult - my guys don't like anything that would be considered "foo-foo."
Hopefully this one is simple enough!

Wishing you a beautiful day,
Marie with a :-)

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Jamie Harder said...

I find masculine cards so hard for me! Your card is great!! Love the distressing!