Sunday, January 9, 2011

To My Doubting Thomases...

"My craft room is totally organized!"  I grinned at my friend and upline, Theda.
"I'll have to see a picture!" She responded.  Translation?  Gotta see it to believe it.  I could hear my sister Samantha chuckling in the background, though she's miles away.
Here's the proof that I'm starting the year out a little more organized in my humble, much loved craft room:
The most amazing aspect of this photo is the fact there are no scraps of paper on the table. It took all of my will power but I tossed anything smaller than 2" that I was saving for "just in case."  Hey, I won't be known as the crazy cat lady in my old(er) age...but perhaps the "crazy paper lady..."
My craft room also serves as a study (when it's clean enough, lol!) and most of my Bible study and Counselor Training books are in the bookcase and skinny "wardrobe."
 My reinkers sit on top of an old dresser.

 My CTMH stamps are stored by size (A-D) and then alphabetically in dollar store crates. This makes it easy to flip through the (cough cough 217 sets) that I have.
 I do have non CTMH stamps as well.

 This desk top holds JUST sentiment stamps!

 This is a taller "fold-n-store" type table from Sam's Club.  I use it as my stamp station and keep a piece of foam out for stamping with my acryllics.  One of my sweet friends gave me the old cassette holders for keeping my most used inks close by.  Another sweet friend gifted me with the metal organizer hanging above the table. Yes, I have some awesome friends!
 Theda showed me how to use shoe organizers for storing many of my embellishments and dies.

 What craft room is complete without speakers?  My sweet husband bought these for me a couple of years ago.  Now I can listen to some of my favorite music or some inspirational Bible messages while crafting. I also keep  a note pad and handmade scripture memory book handy.
 I've seen some stunning storage systems in other bloggers craftrooms.  As for me?  CTMH boxes hold my paper upright for quick flipping through just fine :)

This is the picture-printing-circle-cutting-cricut corner.  See the wall hanging in the background?  About five years ago my family members were the cast of characters in a Christmas Play called "The Richest Family in Town." What sweet memories!  A member of  our church had someone in Haiti create the wall hanging for us.   


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AshKuku said...

I am so so so so ENVIOUS!!!! Very neat & adorable though :)


Barbara said...

I am so pumped!! I need to get with the program...your craft room is the envy of any papercrafter!! I love it and I'm energized now!!