Wednesday, January 19, 2011

How Sweet The Victory!

I've been wanting to try an easel card for quite some time.
The thing is between tutorials and me...well there's a bit of animosity there.
Perhaps it's my impatient "look-there's-something-shiny!" nature.
Perhaps it's my inability to follow directions precisely.
Whatever the reason, I have to psyche myself up to view one.
I wish I hadn't waited so long on this one...the Easel Card is soooooo easy.
Way easier than the mountain of laundry I also had to psyche myself up to conquer.
Closed view of the card

 open view, front
Open, side view
Sweet victory all the way around...THREE EMPTY HAMPERS (now if I can only persuade the kids to sleep in their clothes tonight...) and one Easel Card for a precious friend.
Supplies used: Veranda paper (CTMH) juniper, chocolate and smoothie Inks (CTMH) Opaques (CTMH) Find Your Style SS (CTMH) Sentiments (Our Daily Bread, Verve), nestabilites die

And another victory...I've been attempting to become a little more organized, maybe not to the degree that my sister Samantha is, but I know that "back in the day" when I used to keep lists, I was better able to stay on top of things (or maybe it wasn't the lists...maybe it was the fact that I refused to scrapbook? ) I recently downloaded a free program to print out some cool to do lists and "goal" sheets for each day, week and month.  I'll let you know how much help they are!  

The tutorial for the easel card is under my tutorials and such page; you'll need to scroll all the way to the bottom.
And I think you should check out what my sweet (and inspiring!) blogging friend Jane did with the butterfly from the Find Your Style stamp set: Scrappy Gram's Blog

Thanks for stopping by! Tomorrow I'll tell you my blog profile nightmare.  Yep, it appears I turned into "Marlies" for awhile...


Jane said...

Marie, your friend will treasure the beautiful Veranda easel card! Love that Scripture too. You're so kind to link my blog--thank you! And I'm in AWE of your new organization tool...we're getting our biggest snow since the 1990s--I must get out and take some photos and sled down our hill today! Blessings!

Renee said...

Great Esal card!!!! Love the list for the day!!!! I may have to borrow it?

SamieVt said...

Of course you know that every single one of your creations take my breath away! I am so glad you finally faced a 'fear' ... a tutorial! Not as bad as one imagined! I love your organizational sheets and now you know you are going to have to share the link with your ever so organized sister Samantha! Love you!