Friday, February 5, 2010

First Twisted Sketches Challenge For Me!

As I wrote about on my REAL LIFE BLOG, I'm looking forward to getting  into more scrapbooking - especially since I have the daunting task of very quickly making a scrapbook for my daughter, who just decided to graduate from HS early since she had more than enough credits.  I found this sketch
from Twisted Sketches and fell in love with it.  I thought it would be a quick and easy layout (most of my layouts are!) but it was a complete disaster for me!  I first cut out the different pieces and decided I didn't like the colors with the photo I had.  Switched colors.  Then switched photo.  Tried to emulate the faux stitching that Sarah makes look easy but let's just say it didn't work.  Cut out another circle. Dropped glue dots all over the place. Dropped my stamp on the circle and ruined it. Cut out another circle.  Finally I just decided to glue the pieces down and call it a layout - since I'm REALLY supposed to be getting ready for a small celebration that I'm planning for a friend tomorrow.
I'm sure I am way out of my league, but I am  looking forward to lots more Twisted Sketches challenges - they may rank right up there with the Unscripted Sketches!

Thanks for stopping by,
Marie with a :-)


{Ross} said...

Very good!!Thank you for particiating! Tour photo is beautiful!!!

Jamie Harder said...

It turned out beautifully Marie!!

Star Rork said...

Great, love that big title!

Nancy said...

great job on this sketch! and I think the bird totally counts! :)