Wednesday, February 4, 2009

So blessed

The past year has brought many challenges to the Isom Clan. Financial challenges, heart-breaking family challenges, career challenges...really the list is pretty extensive. Yet there has been no doubt that through it all, we have been so blessed.
2008 began with some good news...Kyle returned home safely after a year spent in the crux of action in downtown Baghdad. We rejoiced, but at the same time, we were a little anxious over the loss of a job for Scott. In January, he had quit his job with the company that he had spent the previous ten years with, because he had another job lined up. That job fell through, and we were faced with the realization that "it ain't easy" finding a new job when you're in your late forties. We weren't too concerned, however, because Scott was due to receive a large sum of money from his former company. After being out of work for nearly two months, Scott decided to pursue a career he had always thought he might enjoy - he became an electrical apprentice. We knew beforehand that the pay wouldn't carry us through and made the grieveous mistake of relying on credit cards until his anticipated monies came in July. It was quite shocking when July rolled around and Scott was told he had to wait another twelve months to receive his funds! We hadn't quite recovered from that shock, when we learned that a very dear, very close family member had tried to commit suicide. Still reeling, Scott took on a second job to tide us over, and it was a huge adjustment for our family to have him working 60 hour weeks. We learned of other heart-breaking family issues. We got notified that we owed a large sum of back taxes, that we were totally unaware of. We changed church memberships. Our second oldest son lost his job when the division of the company he worked for shut down. The list goes on and on. Yet through all of it, we have been blessed beyond measure. We have had our faith tested and found stronger than ever. Our marriage has been strengthened. We drew closer to family members. We learned that laughter and special family moments are indeed priceless...and they don't cost a thing :-) . We have enjoyed the fellowship of precious friends and church family.We are under incredible Bible teaching. Scott has managed to keep not one, but two jobs during these turbulent economic times and has built a good name for himself. Our health has been good. And somehow, our bills have always been paid. It has been a year of challenges, indeed. Yet through it all, we have been so blessed!
The So blessed card was made with the CTMH Life Delights paper pack, the CTMH stamp set Treasures of the Heart (C1271), and CTMH buttons and brads.
Marie with a :-)
The last photos show some of my greatest blessings: Silly boys and beautiful girls :-)

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