Thursday, February 5, 2009

the Tell-Tale Chair

The Tell-Tale chair is what I secretly call it. My husband bought it for me several years ago. It's a wonderfully relaxing massage chair that takes up a small corner of our bedroom. But it is really more than a chair; it's a speedometer that tells me at what pace my life is going. Currently it reads: slow down before you see those flashing red lights behind you! When daily activities are at a normal pace, my chair is empty and just waiting for me to take a few moments to enjoy it's soothing effects. All too often, however, it is yelling at me to slow down and get my priorities straight. Right now, in fact, it is covered with discarded clothes, hangers, clean laundry that didn't manage to get put away, a book or two and who knows what else. It's a visable reminder to me, that I need to let go of a few unnecessary activites, put the laundry away and enjoy some relaxation time!
I have another "project" in the works so not much else to post. I did make another card with scraps from the Life Delights paper pack. May it remind you that it doesn't matter at what speed your life is going... the wonderful peace of the Lord is available to you .

In the words of the psalmist, "The Lord bless you and keep you,"
Marie with a :-)

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