Wednesday, September 29, 2010

And You Thought I Was a Procrastinator...

Who me?  Procrastinate?  Not a chance.  I actually completed this layout for my October 2010 calendar page last night.  A FULL 48 HOURS BEFORE OCTOBER 2010 ARRIVED.  How's that for being ahead of the game?  And even more amazing....I cleaned up my mess before going to bed.

I used the Practical Scrappers' Friday Sketch for the first page and then just put together a complementary page to go along with it, since I prefer to create two page layouts.
Page One:
It's really challenging trying to photograph layouts.  At least for me.  Either the colors off, or there is photo glare or something.  The colors are much more vibrant IRL.  I used the Close To My Heart Zippidee Kit to begin with (I didn't use any of the dimensional elements on this layout...saving 'em for another one.)
Page Two:


Next to butterflies, clocks are my other favorite image.  These are from a couple of different companies.

Since I'm on such a roll, maybe I'll get my December page done tonight...

(I am thinking, however, that I may have already scrapped the pictures on this layout.  Oh well, that will mean a layout for MY album and a layout for Joshua's album...)

I'm looking forward to Scrapbooking with my newly formed Ebenezer Club gals on Saturday and a couple of young ladies on Sunday. 

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Marie with a : )

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Sasya said...

fabulous works!!! i love your layout! thank you for joining us at Practical Scrappers! :)