Saturday, November 7, 2009

Unscripted 30 and an Organized Craft Room!

Last night I decided to attack the Craft Room. Unlike my sister Samantha , I am NOT an organized crafter. (Remember my Where in the world? post?) Though not a fancy "studio" like many of my fellow bloggers have, I was pretty pleased with the results. And it was a very timely organizing, because this morning I got a message from one of my besties saying she had time for we spent a few hours in the craft room, having a heart to heart and then making a card. Before she came, I completed a quick version of the Unscripted Challenge.
The inside of this reads "May your day bubble over with fun!"I haven't quite figured out the Picasso Photo program - even though this picture was cropped on the program, it's not showing up as cropped so you will need to click on the photo for details. I soo love the "Life is a Jungle" CTMH stamp set - it is so versatile!This is what my (basement) craft room looks like from the doorway. When I showed Scott how organized it was, he said "Yes, but how long will it last?" Then I showed Alyssa and she said "Better take some pictures!" Like Father Like Daughter? Gotta love 'em.
Computer desk with handmade desk set on top.
Shoe organizers are a trick I learned from my friend Theda.
Shelf where I store my hundreds of instock cards.
Largest punches and lots of embellies.
Old nail sorter of my hubbies makes a great craft room bin!

Large stamp sets hung on wall.

My "way-too-many" stamp stash.
Flowers, buttons and misc.

Thanks for stopping by!
Marie with a :-)
PS I have reached the "over $1K" in card sales since I began selling them in April. Happy Dance :-)


Liz said...

Wow gorgeous craft room for sure.. Nice take on the sketch..Thanks for playing

Steph said...

I'm jealous of your craft room! I've only got a small corner in my bedroom. Your cards are just darling, as always! Again, I'm happy that you joined US this week!

Linda L said...

Wow I feel so much better about feeling bad because I think I have a lot of stuff. Your room is wonderful. I love your cards. I am going to take a look at your CTMH cards. I have been buying stamp and need some ideas. Thanks for sharing your room. I really enjoyed looking at the pictures.

dstandard said...

Awesome room and great card!

Caryl P said...

Great work on this week's sketch, I like the grouping of buttons near the image. THanks for being Unscripted and also for sharing your craft space...I'm jealous that I don't have that much space!

- said...

love that little monkey and your scrap room! on the organization; same with me. Takes me an hour or two to clean up, start up ONE card, and it's a mess all over again. lol ;)
And WOW! How in the WORLD did you make 1K?! If you started April 2009, I am in TOTAL awe!

Sarah said...

I thoroughly enjoyed looking at all your pictures not to mention your awesome cards...esp one with the buttons...!!! I am SO jealous of the 1K in sales..woohooo for you.

Marcy said...

Your room is so organized!! I need to do that one day. hee hee. Love your cards, especially the monkey; makes me smile. Thanks for playing along with US this week.

itsabrt said...

What great cards! But holy moley that a lot of paraphernalia! WOW! Beth

SamieVt said...

I had to look twice ... your craft room surpasses any expectations I had of your organizational talents! LOL Your room ROCKS! Now I need me a room to organize! Congrats on your 1K in sales! You did this without a website? Simply amazing! And I can't even book a party! Thanks for sharing ... miss and love you!

Jane ... said...

Thanks for leaving a comment for me, Marie! Your cards are simply ADORABLE. And your craft room is awesome! I'm green with envy since mine is our smallest bedroom, way too full & hard to keep things organized! Love that shoe bag organizing idea, thanks! I truly am going to take that sabbatical after this weekend's Friends of Faith Blog Hop that I committed to doing. JOY to you and yours!