Sunday, November 8, 2009

CPS and a productive day

I had a very productive evening in my newly organized craft space - I made quite a number of cards, with the help of my daughter, Alyssa.I won't post them all, but here's a few. The first couple are using the quick and easy CPS Sketch. The inside of the first one reads: Wishing you loads of fun on your special day.

Same card with the tag out

For all those who commented on all the stuff in my craft room...there's almost TOO much in here but I haven't figured out how to downsize! Prior to the last few weeks, everything that I have made in card sales, and as a CTMH consultant, I have put right back into supplies. And my sister Samantha, who is no longer a CTMH consultant but abandoned ship for Stampin up! (love you, Sam!) passed on ALOT of her CTMH stuff to me.


SamieVt said...

I am in love with the hero card with the mini bag on front! Where can I find them?
PS - are you telling me you don't need more CTMH supplies? LOL ... I still have some hanging around collecting dust!

Beth said...

Love them all, Marie :-)