Saturday, May 2, 2009

Jay Layout #4

Well, it's been slow but steady these past two this rate, I might just finish in time. I am leaving the journaling for Jay's parents, which makes it a little (more) challenging.
Another challenge for me, is that I have decided that "bulk" isn't good for the scrapbooks so I have pretty much quit using buttons and other bulky items. I did think that this paper I used was pretty enough without adding anything to it! (Oops, did I say "pretty?" Didn't mean it...after all this is a MASCULINE scrapbook. I meant to say "handsome." Yeah, that's it...the papers are so handsome looking that I didn't need to add anything...LOL. )
Have a wonderful Sunday!
Marie with a :-)

1 comment:

Ross said...

Thanks for the comment Marie! I'm not a scrapbooking expert or anything, but I'd say that is some very handsome paper :P