Saturday, May 2, 2009

Jay Layout # 3

As I've mentioned for the last few posts...masculine layouts are a challenge for me! This one had a good feel to it, though and I think it is because "laughter" is what I think of when I think of Jay. While he is smart, and kind and polite, it is his laughter that stands out because it is so hearty, genuine and frequent. I didn't know him when he was a child, but these photos from his parents seem to indicate that he has always been full of laughter.
I used TLC paper (for a very brief time before my CTMH days, I was a TLC consultant and have lots of paper that they were clearancing right before I switched allegiances. I was looking through them to send some to my sister, and decided these would be great colors because they are so vibrant - they don't show quite as well in my photos. The flip flap on the left page isn't taped down yet (they actually go on the outside of the page protector) so it isn't as transparent as it will be when taped down.

I actually used 2 flip flaps on this page so there are four photos plus room for journaling. CTMH flip flaps...gotta love 'em!

Thanks to some pretty awesome kids, the laundry is complete, a cake made and the house cleaned up so I just may be able to get another layout done tonight. It also helps that my friend Donna provided dinner for tonight. We are keeping two of her children for an overnighter so she can celebrate her 25th anniversary with her sweetie. She really didn't need to provide dinner but she made a Mexican Lasagna that smells wonderful and I can't wait for dinner time!
Marie with a :-)

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Jamie Harder said...

Love the bright colours on this one!!!