Wednesday, March 4, 2009

New Camera

My new camera arrived today...nothing fancy; a Canon SD770 that was recommended to me for close up photos. I was pretty excited until I saw how thick the manuel was that came with it...pages and pages of symbols and instructions. My brain went numb just flipping through it. I think I was hoping for a camera that I could simply point and click and extrodinaire. It will probably take me months to learn to use!
I wasted quite a bit of time today, rearranging my craft room because a friend gave me a large table to replace the smaller one I had in there. I have way too much stuff!
Well, I didn't do much was late when I got home from the commissary and picking Matthew up from swim practice. I did design the simple card that I will use for birthday thank yous and then played around with the camera. I'm really longing for some scrapbooking time!

Here's a card in the making...just playing with the camera to see how "true" the colors turn out.

A shot of one of the dozens of button jars I have...again, just playing with the camera...
Wishing you a wonderful day,
Marie with a :-)

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