Thursday, March 19, 2009

Finally...a layout!

Some of you have wondered where I have been for the last two days. I was ambushed. By the time I heard the stealthy footsteps of a cold virus and armed myself with zinc lozenges, it was too late. In between sleeping and playing taxi driver for my children, I have done little more than blow my nose over the past 48 hours. I did, however, manage to complete a scrapbooking layout. I used a sketch from Creative for one of the pages...though I didn't follow it precisely. Which reminds me...a big kudos to my blogging buddy Jamie Harder ( who was just chosen as a sketch designer for their team! Hooray for you, Jamie!

Matthew has joined the APS swim team this year and this was his second meet. For those who asked...his Mock Trial team took third place at the State Competition! Next year, they plan on going all the way to Nationals :-). He has also managed to maintain a 4.5 GPA and is ranked #1 academically out of 662 a big Kudos to Matthew as well as Jamie.
I'm hoping to get back into some sort of creative mode this weekend. I still have lots of thank you cards to make. After that...spring break for Elizabeth and Michelle...which means spring break for me. I hope to read through my new camera book (a parenthetical happening...I almost lost my camera yesterday! When I went to print pictures at Target, I started chatting with a lady there who was also printing pictures. After a 20 minute conversation, I paid for my pictures and left...without my camera! I didn't realize it was missing until about 11:30 PM. Praise the Lord when I went back this morning, someone had turned it in. Whew!) Anyway, I'm also hoping to catch up on some correspondence next week...I've been pretty remiss in that area.
Happy Friday to all~
Marie with a :-)


SamieVt said...

Every time I read your posts I miss you more! (And I can "see" you and the camera losing each other time to time ... I'm smiling!) Keep sharing and inspiring!
Much love sister dear!

Jamie Harder said...

You are just WAY TOO SWEET!!!!! Thanks for the kudos!!! And way to go Matthew!! Your layout is fabulous! Is your title done with a cricut? Great use of the diecuts...I have soooo many left to use:) Hope you are feeling better soon!

Stephany said...

Cool layout! I'm glad you found your camera. ;)