Sunday, March 8, 2009

Card box...and more butterflies!

Sigh. Now I've done it. I checked numbers this evening and I have over 400 cards in stock...despite giving away 15 this week. Which means I need to make good on my word to have a card sale. The thought is a scary one for me...what if no one likes my cards? Still, my theme for this year is "fearless" so I am not going to let the fear take control; I will plan it for the first week in April. If it's a success, then I will read the Turning Your Hobby into a Business books that my sister bought for me. If it's a flop...well, at least I will have tried!
By now it is no secret that Silhouette is my favorite paper pack. I made this card box from a magnetic box that has been sitting in my craft room for over a year. I will fill it with cards made from the Silhouette paper :-)

And one more butterfly card! It is very similar to a previously made one, but I liked the arrow versus the window charm and felt the "free spirit" sentiment was a fitting one for this card.
Wishing you a beautiful week,
Marie with a :-)


SamieVt said...

Congratulations! I knew you would do it!! Wow - over 400 cards! I will be praying for a huge success for you and have every bit of faith that you will come out ahead!

Jamie Harder said...

Wowzers that's a whole lot of cards!! Good for you!! Your card box is awesome and I adore your card! I just love butterflies!!