Monday, February 2, 2009

Thanks and Monday Morning Discovery

I want to say thanks to my friends who have wished me "get well" and/or commented on my blog. Your words are greatly appreciated.

I discovered something new this Monday morning. Perhaps it wasn't new; I just hadn't quite picked up on it yet. MY FIFTEEN YEAR OLD SON HAS SUPER POWERS!!! You heard me correctly. Just this very morning I discovered that he has the ability to change inanimate objects into whatever he wants them to be.

"Uh, Matthew, don't you want to put a coat on? It's pretty cold out this morning."

The look. "Mom, this IS a coat!"

"Oh really? It looks an awful lot like the shirt you were wearing on Friday."

"It's a coat, Mom. I'll be fine. "

"Okay. Well, you and your coat can get a ride to school this morning. It's too cold to be walking in that, um, lightweight coat."

After dropping him off at school, my mind ran wild. (I know, I know...running wild is a state of being for my mind.) If I could somehow acquire his super powers, life would be just dandy. That mountain of reeking clothes in the laundry room? I would just call it clean, folded and put away. Voila! The hamburg that will still be frozen twenty minutes before dinner time? I will call it "Casserole Extrodinaire" and head to the craft room to play. And right now? Well, I would call myself showered, dressed and ready to tackle my day...Voila. *Sigh* . No super powers here...
This (previously made) Thanks card showcases the butterfly from the Celebrate Life stamp set (C1287) and the Key To My Heart paper pack.

Thankful for the Only True Super Power, Jesus Christ,

Marie with a :-)

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