Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Dare to be different! card, celebrate card

If you hear it enough, you come to believe it. It's a familiar adage that few would argue with. Children who are consistently belittled believe that they are worthless. Those who are regularly told they will never amount to anything usually don't. And school children who are told that mankind evolved from apes and come from a world that was created by a big bang ("explosion") generally swallow that- hook, line and sinker.
This morning, the girls and I took part in a BC (Biblically correct) tour of the science and history museum. I thought it rather interesting that as these mostly homeschooled kids watched a video explaining the creation of the earth and all life ("there was an "explosion" and eventually a living thing was created out of the slime and residue, which over billions of years evolved into humans as we know them today." :-) ) they were astonished that people actually believe that. When it isn't something presented as fact on a regular basis, it does sound pretty asinine. It takes a whole lot of faith to believe in evolution. Frankly, I'm a lot more confident putting my faith in my Creator. There's plenty of evidence to persuade me. Still, it's not much fun to be treated poorly because of those beliefs, which is what we encountered during the tour. We recently watched the documentary "Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed" and that combined with the contempt we heard at the museum, makes me wonder why evolutionists seem so afraid to allow the argument for Intelligent Design to be heard. Are they afraid that kids will recognize that life cannot be "created" in a test tube? That explosions result in chaos not order? I liked the tour guide's suggestion to question everything - don't just take what you hear as fact, he challenged the kids. It is a concept we have tried to instill in our children...we certainly don't want them to believe in the Creator just because their parents do - we want them to examine the evidence and make their own decisions. Too bad so many public school children aren't given that chance. "Dare to be different!" I told my children. "Don't just believe something because someone else believes it, or states it as fact."
We have a couple of young ladies coming over after school tomorrow for some craft time and I needed simple cards for them to make. The dare to be different thought was running through my mind so I used the Heartfelt stamp set (B1297) with Perfect Day paper to make this quick and easy card. The Celebrate card also uses Perfect Day paper, along with the February Close to My Heart special stamp set Good Times.

Daring you to be different,
Marie with a :-)

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