Friday, January 30, 2009

Many Maries...

It wasn't until the not-quite-hot-enough water in the shower startled me awake that the panic set in. How in the world was I going to get everything done today? Semi-professional procrastinator that I am, I had waited until the last minute for several things. Now it was time to pay the Piper and I was feeling out of sorts. As I ramsacked my closet, looking for clothes that still fit, I allowed my thoughts to drift to the idea of a cloned Marie. Even though I am fully aware that my family and friends would assure me that one Marie was more than enough, my mind came up with endless possibilites.

1.The Mindless Marie. This would be the one that accomplished all those menial tasks, with a loopy smile on her face. Dinner would be served on time, bathtub rings would disappear forever, laundry would always be done - folded AND put away, and there would be no worries about unexpected guests popping in... because the house would always be immaculate.

2. The Mothering Marie. This one would make sure that her children had eaten breakfast, brushed their teeth and completed their school work. She would be available at the drop of a hat when they said "Mom, can we go shopping?" She would always have the right answers to their random questions and would give sage advice to their life issues. She would never raise her voice and she would spontaneously take them on fun trips to the zoo, art museums, picnics or sledding. And of course she would be able to jump on the trampoline with them without worrying about whether her bladder would hold out...

3. The Mentoring Marie. This one would be diligent in her Bible studies and prayer life. She would have plenty of time for lunches with friends and once again, sage words would always come from her lips. She would be the one that her friends and children's friends looked to for wise counsel. She would never forget a friend's birthday and would always be there to encourage them when they were feeling down or to exhort them when they were heading in a potentially dangerous direction.

4. The Musing Marie. This one would play, play, play in the craft room! She would create unique and wonderful cards, scrapbooks and projects. She would be able to write amazing articles and books. And her craft room would never look like a tornado had struck.

5. The Memorizing Marie. She would know all of the important phone numbers: the school, the doctor, the dentist, and most importantly - each of her children's cell phone numbers. She would remember the date, time, weight and length of each of her children at birth. She would instantly recall where she put the birth certificates and tax paperwork, and would know exactly where the card with directions to the birthday party that they were supposed to be at an hour ago was placed. She would know which foods her children like today (as opposed to the ones they liked yesterday) and which ones they absolutely hate. (Those are more than likely last week's favorites...)

6. The Mushy Marie. This one would romance her husband daily. She would greet him at the door each day with a smile and a wink and would always prepare his favorite foods. She would fit into and wear the pretty lingerie he likes and not once would she say "let's dim the lights so my cellulite doesn't show."

I could go on and on. The truth is, there is only one me (I heard that collective sigh of relief!) and although I would love to do all things well, I fail miserably. I do, however, love every aspect of my life and hope that one day I will have it all together. (But you know the saying...then I will forget where I put it :-) )

Well, I'm off to tackle the to do list. I will post cards later today...if I manage to get them done.
Blessings to you,
Marie with a :-)

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