Wednesday, August 17, 2011

I did it! I did it!

My free Studio J membership expires in just 3 weeks. I've had it for eleven months and I had never used it. I had never even looked at HOW to use it.  That changed yesterday. I figured I better learn so I can share with my customers. So I set about teaching myself with the many Studio J videos and then played yesterday afternoon and some today...and I will have 5 layouts...yep 10 pages...shipped to my door very soon.  I really enjoyed it, though I think it's a bit more of a strain on the eyes, neck and back sitting at a computer for a few hours at a time.  The best part was that there was NO MESS TO CLEAN UP AFTERWARDS :)
Anyway, here's my first 5 very simple layouts (I haven't watched all the videos...just the basic one and then learned by trial and error. The biggest lesson I learned was proofread carefully...there are a few typos that will need to be fixed :(  )
 I purposely left this layout extremely simple so I could add some embellishments and journaling to make it more like a traditional scrapbook page.
 There's also a few things I plan to do to this layout of my son to "fussy" it up a bit.

Tomorrow I will let you know the many benefits of digital scrapbooking versus traditional scrapbooking. They both have their pros and cons and I will likely do some of both!


SamieVt said...

Through the 43 years of my life ... you have never stopped amazing me. You are so talented in so many ways - the magical creations that evolve from your hands, the guidance of your selfless spirit and the healing of your angelic words. Love you my sister!

Jane said...

Marie, your photos AND your designs AND your journaling are awesome! Great Studio J layouts! I'm so looking forward to meeting you, and watching your creativity bubble over. :)