Monday, October 11, 2010

Keep It Simple

A challenge for scrapbookers seems to be the time it takes to decide on a layout, photos, colors etc.Some find it so daunting that they simple don't get started!  My general rule of thumb is keep it simple.  If you have the time to be leisurely, then by all means create something detailed and intricate...otherwise keep it simple.  The main purpose for scrapbooking is to preserve memories, (and in my case to record  our faith, and the work that God has done in the lives of my family members) to pass down for generations to come.  It doesn't have to be complicated OR time consuming. (Ask Naomi - a brand new scrapbooker - who created almost an entire scrapbook this week!)

Here are the basic steps I take for creating a layout:
1. I choose the photos I want to use. I don't use all of the photos I take, and I don't even scrapbook every event that I take pictures of.  My preference is to use one 5 x 7 or 8 x 10 as a focal point and then add add a few others that complete the story or moment I want to preserve.  There are times, however, when a total collage of photos are necessary.

2. I choose a solid color cardstock for the background. This is almost always a neutral color such as white or cream.  I believe these background colors do a better job of bringing out the photos...not to mention the fact that these cardstocks can generally be purchased in bulk for a cheaper price than colored or patterned cardstock.

3. I choose a style for my layout. I determine ahead of time if I'm going classic, vintage, "cutesy" or whatever. This makes choosing papers and embellishments easier.

4. I decide on two or three coordinating papers and some matching embellishments. ( visit my CTMH website to order some of the finest quality coordinating papers, cardstock and embellishment on the market today...and have it delivered right to your home!)

5. I create a simple layout, using the papers and embellishments to draw attention to the photos. I believe too much "artwork" takes away from the photos. Move the photos around to see your favorite placement.  Keep a link to a favorite blog or website handy for when you are stuck and need a little inspiration. There are plenty of scrapbook "challenges" out in blogosphere that give you layout ideas.  One of my favorites is TWISTED SKETCHES which has layouts for scrapbook pages AND cards.  (For archived sketches see the links on the left side.)

Here's a simple layout I created last night while getting beat at  playing Scrabble with Josh:

Notice there's not a lot of "stuff" on this page.  I guess you could call me a scrapbook minimalist : ) Just a photo, a few flowers, a piece of ric rac and the journaling. 

Again, not a lot of "stuff" but a few more photos keeping with the theme that I journaled. 

about the layout: It's a little thing, one that might go unnoticed by many, but I think my kiddos will always remember that their dad was never afraid to have his arm around me or hold my hand when we were out in public. (We're not talking ooey PDA, just the simplicity of hand holding or an arm around me.  It makes me feel cherished and I appreciate that about the HH)

Contact me if you'd like to join one of my monthly scrapbook workshops/clubs.  I explained about the workshops in THIS POST.  The first group is full but I am hoping to get a couple more groups going.

Thanks for stopping by,
Marie with a : )

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Anonymous said...

So glad you liked the card! All the cards you make are so beautiful I knew I needed to do an out of my "norm" super simple card. While the design is simple, I think the effect is pretty.

I'm glad you shared layouts of you and your husband. I get so focused on trying to do pages for the kids that I completely forget to do one for my husband and I every now and then.