Saturday, September 18, 2010

I'll Probably Get Tomatoes Thrown For This One...

I'll probably get tomatoes thrown at me for this one.
But the truth is, as much as I LOVE autumn (it's my favorite season of the year), I really dislike Halloween.  Go ahead, throw 'em now.
I don't know.  Maybe it's because, like the inner GPS gene, I've also missed out on the creativity gene and costumes have always been a nightmare for me. Perhaps it's the symbolism behind it. Most likely it's merely the thought of bags of candy, lying around the house just waiting to catch me in their sugary snare. First it's the bags I buy ahead of time because I'm "being prepared."  And then there's the bags my kids come home with from the church's "Fall Festival."
This year I think I'll just turn out the lights and hide out in my craft room.
And enjoy the "Party Animal" SS that isn't just for Halloween!
Supplies:  All supplies CTMH
Stamp Sets: Say It In a Style (D1283), Party Animal (D1437), Comments (D1359), Triple Play Limited Edition (from Triple Play Kit)
Paperpack: More To Adore (no longer available)
Opaques Mocha (Z1333)
Sparkles: blue & green asst. (Z1327)
Card Bases, 4.5" Circle (Z1352)

I'm The Scrooge of Halloween I reckon...

(I suspect I'll be making a lot of these.
I miss you cards.
'Cause I'm missing my daughter like crazy! (and kinda glad to know she's equally missing me : ) )
I went to the post office to mail her a card today.
$1.82 for 5-10 day arrival.
$28 for 1-5 days.
She'll just have to be patient!)

BTW, this is my first circle card, using one of the CTMH pre-made card bases.  I used the Clean and Simple 108 Sketch to make it a quicker process.

Hope you are having a fabulous weekend,
Marie with a : )


Kathi C. said...

No tomatoes from me! I'm not crazy for Halloween either. The kids love it though, so I tolerate it.

Your card is as cute as can be. I love how you paper-pieced the monster.

Val said...

Cute card! Alyssa will love it - even if you didn't fork over half your mortgage to get it there quicker!

I love Halloween...not so much for the symbolism, but definitely for the treats and creativity. :-) We always decorate the yard...and a wireless moving and scary broom to deliver candy to the trick-or-treaters...and it's the one day a year I can dress like I want to and actually get away with it!

Keep the cards coming! :-)

Teresa Kline aka va.sunshine said...

this is adorable, I guess I have to get in line with you on the not liking Halloween, we do not do Halloween....I am having a Verve stamps giveaway on my blog and a card bidding for the Susan G. Komen foundation, check it out if you have time!

enjoy *~*

Hi! I'm Jane ... said...

Marie, that's an adorable "I miss you" card! Your DD will appreciate that cute monster from mom! We don't do Halloween--we have "Trunk or Treat" as part of our church's Fall Family Festival & it's so much safer & more fun. Costumes are historic figures & the treats are 90% non-candy (books, games, crafts). Happy new week!