Sunday, March 28, 2010

Clean and Simple: FTL 84 (A Comedy of Errors...)

Haven't spent much time in the craft room lately, so I thought I'd check out the Clean and Simple blog for the current challenge since simple (and QUICK!) is my modus operandi...out of necessity AND preference. I further challenged myself by only using what scraps/pieces/diecuts were already out on my table (which meant I only had to take out a stamp set for sentiments...) and here's what I ended up with:
For this first one, I started assembling some scraps I had laying out, but then decided the butterfly needed some I sprayed some glimmermist into a tray and set about painting it...did NOT like the results (it was a bold color rather than the subtle I was going for) SO I cut out another one that was on my table and used crackle paint on it...then dropped it and smashed the crackle paint...SO I grabbed a bottle of glitter that E-beth left out and sprinkled some looked like I spilled salt on it....SO I used the watercolor/ink technique and finally glued it only took 15 minutes including my little comedy of errors...

And here's a second one from table scraps :-)

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SamieVt said...

I love them! And the butterfly is just perfect!