Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Better Late Than Never

Usually I have my year's calendar finished by December...I'm not sure what happened this year except that I was on something of a crafting hiatus.  I just started my 2010.  Here's the first two pages.  (January we celebrate Matthew's 16th bd and February we celebrate Alyssa's 18th which is why they are featured on the pages.)  My goal is to create the birthday cards that I will need for each month when I make the calendar page.  Not quite there, but I did get Matthew's done. As always, you can click on the images for a larger view.

January page featuring Matthew.

This is what the card looks like when closed, but when opened you can see that the circle is cut out on the front.  I got the basic idea for this card from the CTMH Wishes book.

February page featuring Alyssa.

And finally...I had a small gift for a friend who has been a loyal CTMH customer and I wanted to thank her.  This is a simply stamped library envelope. (Hopefully she will enjoy the Stampin Up! products as much as the CTMH...she's one of the most creative people I know)


SamieVt said...

AMAZING! Saving to my file of course! LOL Love you sister!

Sarah said...

Great work Marie. I love that little envelope with the butterfly. The circle cut out of the card is a great idea too. Your calendar pages are beautiful and so are the pics.
I have to remember to mail you a check!!!! Don't let me forget I am such a ditz sometimes.