Monday, August 17, 2009

Not this time...

I had just told fellow blogger
Jamie (whose work I GREATLY admire) that I can make cards pretty quickly. Not this time! The sketch from this week's
Mojo Monday about had me over the edge. I spent close to two hours trying to come up with something to no avail. After much hair pullling, I decided to give it up and let it be. Scallops and I just don't seem to work well together. I had planned on creating a layout while Scott was at class tonight (it's a four hour class plus drive time...thought I could at least get started on something...) but after this, I've given up for the night.
Thanks for stopping by.
Marie with a :-)


Jamie Harder said...

OH NO!!!! So sorry that happened to you - didn't mean to jinx you:-) I go through that almost every time i make a am meant to do layouts!! In the end, your card turned out great though!!!

Caryl P said...

I think it turned out great despite the hair pulling! It's amazing how we can try and try and try, and just can't get it right (or so we think). That's how my Mojo card went yesterday too!

SamieVt said...

I don't have anything to make the scallops. I played and played and played but when all was said and done - it's gonna end up in the kids pile. Yours was gorgeous!