Friday, May 1, 2009

Simple Stardust Layout

I didn't realize just how challenging it was going to be for me to create a masculine scrapbook! I made one for my father a few years ago, but I think I had more time - I need to have Jay's done in two weeks and I just started it. This layout is a very simple one using CTMH Stardust paper, which has probably become one of my favorites. I didn't have time to get good photos, but I did want to say once again that I am LOVING the flip flaps from CTMH. I have left "hidden" spots with them for Jay's parent's to do some journaling. (Some of you have asked who Jay is. He is the young man that our oldest daughter is dating. We don't really like the term "boyfriend" because we don't care for the worldly definition of dating. They are pretty smitten with each other though :-), and I am really pleased with the character and heart of Jay. He's a wonderful young man.)

The above picture shows the spot for hidden journaling. I'm loving the new CTMH flip flaps!

Marie with a :-)

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Carla Harrah said...

So cute! How did you do the shooting stars in red? Is it stamped or rub ons? Great Layout!