Friday, April 10, 2009

Sister Album...Made Years Ago!

As I waded through the chaos that is supposed to be my craft room, I came across this mini (6 x 6) album that I made for my older sister a couple of years ago, when I first began scrapbooking. I had never put photos in it, so today I decided to scrounge up whatever pictures I could find and then get it in the mail to her. I'm posting a few pages, not because they are great artwork (have some compassion, I was just getting started!) but because some of the photos are pretty hilarious!
I'm guessing this was spirit week, sometime around 1982! I'm on the left, Val is in the middle, and younger sister Sam is on the right.

Awww, here are Val and I celebrating our birthdays - we are one year and a day apart so I think we just celebrated together when we were younger.

One year my sisters and I stayed with an Aunt for most of the summer. Sam is on the left in the front, I'm in the middle and Val is on the right in the front. Behind us are two cousins. Don't you love Val's pants...I mean WAAAYYYY cool! (LOL)

This is Val with my two younger sisters. They get to see each other pretty regularly but I don't venture back to the east coast very often. I'm hoping to visit Vermont in July.

In 2005, Sam, Jessie and I flew to Virginia to surprise Val for her 40th birthday. It was the first time we had all been together in many years. Left to right: me, Sam, Jessie, Val

And finally, here's one of Sam and Val...two precious sisters who indeed scatter sunshine!
Have a wonderful weekend and a very blessed Resurrection Sunday!
Marie with a :-)


Candace said...

Marie.....such a CUTE blog! I love it and I love all of your sweet cards! How fun!

I am SOOOO not I appreciate others who are! My girls love to scrapbook, though.....they're the crafty ones!

It's great being back in touch!

Jamie Harder said...

Sweet thoughtful of you to make it for your sister!!

SamieVt said...

This brought a tear to my eye! Can I be the older sister for today? LOL I can not believe this was when you "started" out. The page layouts are so inspiring. I have been in a panic this past week because I can't find the hard book that you made when you came home last and brought one for each of us. I prayed the Lord will place it in my hands when my heart needs it most! Now I just need copies of some of these pictures!!!
Miss you so much - thank you for being an angel in my life!