Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Another Memory Box

Take 1: I once again tried to post last night but my internet went out after I uploaded photos. I will try again...

Take 2: Okay, I'm glad my favorite geek is coming over on Saturday. Hopefully Kyle will be able to explain to me why my internet keeps giving me fits. I tried again this morning to post and halfway through I lost my service :-(

(And finally success!) I thought I would finish this project today, but there were too many distactions: a trip to the library...text messages and fb messages, helping with school work, and mint chocolate chip ice cream, and MacGyver...not to mention dinner with my sweetie...I know - excuses. I really need to have this project done by Friday, though, since it is a wedding gift. I'm not happy with the way the pictures turned out but I'm too tired to go back and retake. (I used pictures of Alyssa and Jay so I could see how it looks with photos but obviously I will remove them before giving to Jaclyn and Joel!)
Top of box:
Inside of box:
side view of box:

Cover of accordian album to go inside:

And a graduation card:

A little note: when I make my memory boxes, I prefer to use spray adhesive (such as Elmer's) which are acid free. It takes a little work getting used to using it, but worth the time spent because it gives a much smoother finish than other glues or decoupage.
Marie with a :-)

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SamieVt said...

You are truly my Inspiration in every meaning of the word!