Sunday, March 1, 2009

No Brain Required :-)

It was a splendid weekend with family and friends and to top it off, we had eleven folks here for dinner tonight. By the time everyone left and I helped tidy up, it was pretty late. Too late to create anything new, I thought. Then Matthew said those dreaded words..."Mom, I put my swim trunks in the hamper yesterday and I need them for tomorrow." Ugh. I couldn't very well make him stay up and do a load of laundry because he has testing tomorrow. Matthew is trying public school this year - I think he wanted to be away from a house full of girls now that his older two brothers have moved out. He's undecided if he wants to return to public school next year. I digress. Back to the laundry. Since I had to wait for a load of laundry to get washed and dried, I decided I might as well do something in the craft room, but I was sooooo tired. So here's a simple brain required :-)

The bottom picture shows the inside of the card.

Close to My Heart Products include: Emporium paper pack (and a smidgen of tulip cardstock), Sweet Talk stamp set (D1063), Playful Petals stamp set (C1288)
Marie with a :-)
PS I just barely made it while it was still "today" :-)

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