Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Notebook, Gate card

As far back as I can remember, I have had a love for notebooks, pens and pencils. I think it began when I discovered that the words which I stumble or stammer over when speaking out loud flow ever so gracefully on a clean sheet of paper. I have to be cautious of this love, though, because sometimes it isn't as innocent as it appears. In fact, sometimes it is an illicit love affair. Take Sunday at church for instance. "Got a pen?" Scott whispered. I reached into my purse and pulled out a beautiful burgandy colored pen. ACE HARDWARE it read in bold white letters. "Hey, that's MY pen!" my handsome husband exclaimed. "What's it doing in your purse?" I shrugged. It's a mutual attraction, and somehow these beautiful writing instruments find their way into my hands, pockets and purse like a safety pin is drawn to a magnet.
I sigh the sigh of a contented lover, and think about smooth, white pen in my purse. "Um, that pen is mine!" the bank cashier had stammered, obviously uneasy with the notion that her pen had chosen my purse for it's home.
Don't worry," I wanted to reassure her. "Mine is a fickle affection. At the first sign of a splotch, I will be over the edge and will gladly send him back to you."


Here's a notebook I made last night to go along with my growing collection of pens. (Just kidding!!! Your pens are safe around me...)

And I've included another "Gate" card. The Gate card is made with the new CTMH Amore paper pack, tulip brads and the new designer brads.

Have a wonderful day!
Marie with a :)

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Stephany said...

That's funny! Now I know something you might like as a gift. I love the notebook as well.