Sunday, February 22, 2009

Butterfly Happy Brithday

What a beautiful Sunday it was. After lunch, Scott took the kids to the Natural History Museum while I enjoyed a long walk in the Colorado sunshine. (I did feel pulled in two directions - wanting to go with them but knowing I needed the exercise. I am glad that I walked.) They brought me home an Orange Dream Machine from Jamba Juice - I'm so predictable they didn't even have to call and ask me what kind I wanted :-)
After church tonight, I went to Jen's house for some girl time. I enjoyed the time - we had silly discussions and deep discussions and lotsa food discussions!
I had very little time for crafting today but did manage a very quick Happy Birthday card:

I have a stash of tall hollyhock colored envelopes that I want to use up so I'll probably be using a lot of this More to Adore paper. I also used the CTMH Celebrate Life stamp set (c1287)

This is what the inside looks like. I used non CTMH stamps for the scroll and sentiment.
Marie with a :-)

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