Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Twisted Sketches Saves The Day (Alyssa's Album)

I've been frantically trying to work on Alyssa's album and since I haven't scrapped in eons, my muse seems to have gone into hibernation.  This Twisted Sketches challenge REALLY helped me throw together a quick page.  Now I'm going to have to peruse their other sketches!  The first photo is based on the TS sketch, following are just some other pages for the album...some done yesterday and some done a couple of years ago!  I am making progress...
I almost always create two page layout...but some of these I only took pictures of the first page to save time.

You can click on the pictures to enlarge. The photos didn't come out great...I still need to learn some photography skills...

The following layouts were done a couple of years ago...definitely not my best work : )

When this layout is side by side its title reads: pure delight


TC said...

That is great! I started one for Aryianda that I was supposed to have done for High School graduation - Blooming & Growing Book :)
However, I still haven't finished. Maybe this summer, I hope I have some time - some down time to be creative.
These pages are amazing!

Angela Abeyta Photography said...

These are all really great! Even the ones from several years ago! You're so creative and what a great way for Alyssa to look back over the years!