Monday, November 30, 2009

I'm BAAAACCKKK (please help me decide on a Christmas card!)

Okay, I'm reminded why I quit with the daily posting...I have spent the last twenty minutes trying to upload photos of twelve cards but it's just not working!
In my last post I said I was deleting this blog.  However!  A couple of days later I was asked to take part in a blog hop after Christmas so I've decided to keep it open.  Crafting and posting isn't a priority in my life right now...I'm trying to focus more energy on some studies for the Counselor Ministry program I'm involved in as well as paying more attention to our diet and exercise (I've become a little on the sloppy about those things over the past year.) And my husband has been encouraging me to spend more time writing so I've been devoting a little more time to my other blog. I haven't completely given up on crafting, though.  I'm working on a couple of card orders (the final ones I will be taking for awhile) and I have been working (along with Alyssa) on Christmas cards but haven't decided yet what I want to make in bulk.  Typically I make about 80-90 Christmas  cards so I need a simple design.  I have made about 30 and was hoping to share 12 with you to get your feedback...but for some reason I can't upload more than these four.  Maybe I'll try again later, but for now I'm not wasting any more time!

card one: star of wonder

Card two: dove Christmas wishes with buttons

Card Three: Jesus is the Reason
Card Four: Snow Globe (not sure why I couldn't get this card to flip.  Must be I have been out of blogland too long because uploading photos is different now and I can't figure it out!)
Okay, three more cards just loaded:

Card Five:  Red/blue Merry Christmas w/bird

Card Six: Merry Christmas with snowman

And card seven: juniper/brown Merry Christmas with bird.

Whew - that took up way too much time!
Thanks for stopping by,
Marie with a :-)


Caryl P said...

SO glad to see some crafts again, and I know what you mean about life and posting. My favorite is the first card, star of wonder. It has a lot of bang for not too much work, at least by the picture. Love the star stamp!

Sarah said...

I DO love the first one...However...were you planning to cut 90 stars??? My Favs are the two with the birds. I do love all the others but my mind goes blank at the thought of cutting 80-90 stars, snowmen, snow globes or gifts LOL.
But really all of them are darling. I miss you and am glad you still come by to say hi on my blog.
I sold 5 cards and a set of scripture bookmarks on my ETSY site WOOHOO first sale.
I made 35 Christmas cards last night...Thank goodness for that jingle paper..sooo easy to mass produce cards. I also had to make 15 with embossing on them..YIKES! At least they were simple.
Blessings my friend.

SamieVt said...

Marie - of course they are all gorgeous! I have to say that my favorite is the dove (I so want that stamp). I've exhausted myself with Christmas cards this year. I have about 15 sets (of 4) for the Craft bazaar this weekend. What doesn't sell will be what I send out! I've got some gifts to work on!! I am so glad that you are writing again - you have a true gift! Love you my precious sister.

Alanna said...

Marie, these are all so gorgeous. I think the 2nd one is my favorite but it doesn't look very friendly for mass producing.

I'm glad that you'll be keeping this blog open still. I'll come in and check what's up with you when you do post. Good luck with your decision on what card to make.

Jane ... said...

Glad you're sticking with your blog, and it's good to "see you" again, Marie! I kept mine too, but have cut way back because of other priorities named DH, Ella, and Baby Beatrice, along with my writing and musical contributions at church.

I love the second card, thought it's a lot more time consuming than some of the others--gorgeous design and colors!

Blessed Advent & Christmas!

Theda said...

Card 4 and 6 respectively. Why not just make a few of each to send out.

Theda said...

I meant the Jesus and the cute litte snoman. I think I read the numbers wrong.