Thursday, February 19, 2009

Pride Comes Before a...Lost Memory Card. :-), masculine love u card

I was feeling pretty smug when I threw the warm comforter off this morning and started my day. I had spent the previous evening ensuring that I had everything together and ready for class at Alatheia today. No rushing around at the last minute waiting for the printer to warm up so I could make copies, no wolfing down a powerbar while looking for my keys. Nope, I had it all together and I even arrived a few minutes early. Why, at this rate, I thought, I'll be downright organized in no time at all. Class went as smoothly as a writing class for giggly, talkative middle schoolers can go. Adopting my new organized persona, I actually spent my free hour correcting papers instead of just sitting around chatting. The smug feeling continued all the way home and through my lunch hour. It didn't disappear until the phone rang later this afternoon. "Hi Hon," I easily recognized Linda's familiar voice. Linda is the secretary at the church where Alatheia is held. After exchanging pleasantries, she explained her reason for calling. "When I was going out to get the mail, I found a memory card for a camera. I guessed someone from Alatheia must have dropped it, I viewed the first pictures on it and I could tell it was you and Kyle."
It figures. Just when I think I have it all together, I drop it! **********************************************************************************
I am currently reading a book that was recommended to me, called "For Women Only." I have been pretty happy with the marriage that Scott and I have , and good communication has been a key element. Reading this book, however, has really opened my eyes to the fact that some of the things I say are probably heard quite differently by Scott. We often joke that he needs a "Marie Interpreter" but I'm realizing now that I need to learn to speak his language. When I decided to make my daily card tonight, I opted to follow the Card Sketch A Day challenge. (see the blogs I follow) The sketch wasn't very challenging, but I wanted to make a card for Scott and I find masculine cards to be a bit difficult. This is what I came up with. I used the Silhouette paper (creative basics) and a hint of tulip cardstock. The sentiment is from the February Word Puzzle stamp set.

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